Regular Investments

Why invest regularly?

Investing on a regular basis enables you to benefit from unit-cost averaging– the notion of investing the same amount of money on a regular basis irrespective of the market at large moving positively, or negatively. This allows you to navigate short-term volatility and receive growth reflective of the market as a whole over a period of time.

Taking the emotion, timing and guessing out of investing by utilizing unit-cost averaging and investing regularly not only frees up a lot of time, it also removes sleepless nights and produces returns.

Sounds expensive. Won’t these ongoing transaction costs eat up my growth?

If your broker, wealth manager or fund-house charges you each time you invest then this will be hugely detrimental and unfortunately you will more than often require considerable returns just to cover your transaction charges. Accordingly, it is very important that you invest cost-efficiently. Ask your Tyton Capital advisor for more information. We, probably unlike your broker, pass our institutional discounts on to our clients

I don’t have much money to put away on a regular basis. I’m not very wealthy. Whats the point…?

If you don’t accumulate wealth regularly then your chances of having money and financial stability in the future are slim. We deal with a wide range of solutions enabling you to start building a future from a very small amount, up to larger amounts when your circumstances permit. For us it’s a marathon- not a race.

I don’t want my money locked away forever and my circumstances will probably change in the future. Can I use something flexible?

It’s all relative. At the moment with your bank account you are probably free to take out your money whenever you wish. In return you receive a nominal rate of interest which rarely even matches inflation, poor investment opportunities, impersonal customer service and poor capital protection guarantees. If you want better, then you are going to have to be willing to sit on your hands for a while and let growth do some growing.  That withstanding, we recommend highly-liquid solutions which do not penalize the client for having changes in their life and allow partial to full-access to their capital when they need it.

Do not let television, radio and internet “Investotainment” dictate your investments and your future financial stability . Send us an email on the Contact page if you’d like some more information on how to benefit from regular-investments and make your money grow without having to live in front of a computer screen trying to play beat-the-market.