The things that people save and require money for have not changed drastically over the past 200 years. What has changed is the way in which people have sought to accumulate the funds for these expenses and liabilities as it becomes increasingly hard to cater to all of your financial commitments with money gained from employment alone.

People still need money to pay for the down-payment of a house, buy a car, pay for a wedding and a honeymoon, pay for international school and then university for a child or children and then still ultimately have enough money accumulated at the end of all that to ensure their financial security in their retirement years.

How do you intend to pay for the guaranteed expenses of the future with money that isn’t guaranteed today?

Everything in life changes and very often without our consent. How will your financial security and lifestyle be affected if you lose your job? If you change employers? If you get a pay-cut? If you get divorced? If a partner dies or becomes terminally ill? If you are not financially prepared for unforeseen events then poor planning will sometimes result in irreparable damage to your standard of living and lifestyle.
How will you retire? Where? How much will it cost to retire comfortably and with dignity? What would you like to be doing and where? What type clothes would you like to wear? Where would you like to go on holiday? What sort of restaurant would you like to eat at? These are all questions that should be answered as soon as possible to ensure that the answer to all of the above is not “I cannot afford to”.
At Tyton our lifestyling approach ensures that you have money for both the foreseen and unforeseen events in life. Taking into consideration and working to combat against inflation, taxes, risk of loss of income due to death, disability or even legal action a comprehensive financial plan from Tyton will enable you to maximize your resources and your money whilst safely minimizing the risk of loss over your given investment time-horizon.

Goals are ordinarily quantifiable as short-term, medium-term and long-term and you should select your investments accordingly whilst considering the risk/return implications inherent within each. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

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Have you considered ?

That continuing your current lifestyle into retirement will be extremely difficult if you only rely on cash…?

That there is increasing stress on state pension systems worldwide and historical deficits across the board…?

What changes should be made to the management of your investments as you approach new stages of your life…?

How risk/return modelling is of paramount importance to ensuring your ongoing financial security…?

The necessity of striking a balance between equity, cash and fixed interest instruments…?

That managing your money is a full-time job that cannot be managed efficiently by you alone…?

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