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Investment has come a long distance in a short amount of time and if you were limited to the tools of 10 years ago you would already find yourself, and your portfolio gravely behind the curve. Accordingly we often finding ourselves assisting people with…


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A cornerstone of our business here at Tyton is the ongoing portfolio management of our clients savings and investments.

We take our approach from the sound fundamentals of modern portfolio theory.  We believe in adding an international perspective to our investments, diversifying across geographic regions, asset classes and fund management groups to maintain security and profit potential.

We do not subscribe to the “flavor of the month” style of portfolio management of many advisors; simply calling their clients every few months with whatever happens to be on the front page of financial media.  We stick to consistent fundamentals, carefully monitoring relevant indicators, and only make changes to the portfolio when it is for a specific reason.

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Risk is integral to return but to effectively maintain returns we at Tyton believe that risk management is of paramount importance on an ongoing basis. We maintain a flexible approach which is not dogmatic and fundamentally relies on investment and not speculation. We do not profess to know if it will be sun or snow tomorrow- we ensure that we have both sets of clothes readily available and proceed accordingly.



Research is perpetual and we do not think that its necessity is lessened by periods of positive market growth. Risk management is an all-market, all-weather endeavor.

We believe that our collective experience and tenacity produces a more robust vetting process for our research that ensures a high degree of quality and clarity in all of our information. Our high level of expertise, and our strong personal relationships in the marketplace can translate into significant corporate access and unique market insights that often cannot be seen from below. All of this, along with a comprehensive and ongoing personal Financial-Review process enable us to make informed and precise recommendations. No matter what the risk profile of the client is, we manage risk so our clients can manage their returns.

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By current estimates there are over 90 stock exchanges in the world today and as the lesser economies of the world develop this number could feasibly double in our lifetimes. In 2012 there were 73,243 mutual funds alone listed worldwide and the list has historically grown by 3,000-5,000 each year. This does not include funds of funds and does not even acknowledge the hedge-fund universe.

Investment instruments have become increasingly sophisticated and in some cases equally complex. We at Tyton feel strongly about having comprehensive access to the best investment instruments in each respective market meaning that no matter what your risk profile, or your objectives, we will be able to hand-pick the best the market has to offer enabling you to invest like a professional, without having to have the budget of one.

Why not take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page to find out more about risk mitigation.

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