Protecting ourselves and our families against the unfortunate consequences of unexpected events is widely considered to be the primary step(better word) of financial planning.  Living overseas adds an extra element to the equation, as individuals need to ensure they are sufficiently covered no matter which country they happen to reside. Our experienced advisors at Tyton can sit down and discuss the different types of cover available to you, whether it be health insurance, life insurance, or critical illness insurance.  And within each of these three categories, there are a number of different options and levels of cover available.  We here at Tyton can help determine which are the most applicable to your specific situation. Applying for life insurance in Japan does not have to be difficult with many international insurance companies offering global cover with all materials available in English.

Who would be put through any sort of financial hardship if something were to happen to you?  Life insurance is often used as a tool to ensure families and over loved ones are not burdened by mortgages, the cost of raising children, or any other liabilities, in the untimely event of your death. There are many different types of life insurance available with varying levels of cover, and we can help you in deciding which is best for your situation.

Critical Illness Insurance – Modern medicine in continues to astound the world in its ability to save life where in the past there was little to no hope.  This is, however, a double-edged sword.  Surviving strokes, heart attacks, cancer, loss of limb/disablement, can often leave us with the inability to work, or perhaps work but not earn as high a salary as previously possible. Critical illness insurance would enable you to receive substantial financial support in the event of such as scenario as described above.  If you are interested in learning more above this newer form of coverage, please feel free to contact an advisor at Tyton today.

have you considered…..

How your family will survive financially without your income…?

Who, and how much inheritance tax your family will be expected to pay as a result of your death?

If you are covered by a Japanese provider, what happens if you die abroad…?

What specific plans are available for people not living in their home country who are likely to travel…?

That the average life insurance policy in Japan offers on average 30% of the required coverage per policyholder…?

That seemingly bargain insurance policies often have 3 clauses written into the contract which might leave your family with nothing when you die…?

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