why do i need a financial planner

Why Do I Need A Financial Advisor?

Your life is complex

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Qualified and here to help

We do not have any junior advisors. We are not a financial sales company. We do not have ‘targets’. All of our advisors are experienced financial planning and wealth management professionals. As standard, every one of our advisory team hold at least one of the following professional accreditations:
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Japan CFA

Chartered Financial Analyst® – CFA

Why work with a CFA® charterholder?

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Certified Private Wealth Advisor® – CPWA


Why work with a CPWA® professional?

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Certified Financial Planner® – CFP


Why work with a CFP®?

The Highest Professional Standards

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To maintain our professional accreditations, we are required to participate in yearly continuing education (CE) and continuing professional development (CPD) courses and training. This ensures that we are not just on-the-ball, but up to date. If you want to be able to say the following, then we might be a good fit for you:

  • My adviser met a rigorous set of standards to become qualified.
  • My adviser would lose their credentials if they failed to meet ethical standards.
  • My advise must meet ongoing standards to maintain their credentials.
  • The credentialing body that certify my adviser is audited and accredited by an objective third party.

You would not take medical advice from an unqualified doctor – why would you accept financial advice from an unqualified financial adviser?

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