Corporate Structures

As the modern day premier wealth protection structure, holding companies enable clients to minimize litigation risk, minimize taxes and achieve prenuptial goals.  In addition, incorporating provides you with international wealth preservation fostering stewardship, philanthropic planning, family business advisory, and easy administration services.

This depends on what the corporation is going to be used for and the clients own personal or business circumstances. There are a number of factors that should be considered: the tax regime, the political and economic stability, communications, language, legal system, confidentiality, exchange controls, banking facilities and costs of both incorporation and management.

Incorporation is sometimes quite complex and requires a fully comprehensive consultation with an experienced advisor to best understand your needs and objectives before proceeding with any registration proceedings. Please contact us to arrange a complimentary initial consultation…

Business owners in Japan rarely take advantage of tax planning strategies. Whether this be taxable deductions, opportunities in transfer pricing, or loans and subsidies , speaking to an adviser is a good way to make sure that you’re not missing out on anything.

We work with multiple business owner clients, ranging from SME’s to public companies. Our experience working alongside founders and owners gives us the unique ability to help you separate your personal, and your companies finances in a way which benefits you as an individual, and adds value to your business.