Lump Sum Investments

What sort of assets can I access with a Lump Sum investment?

Lump Sum investments typically consist of what is referred to as an “open architecture” investment account structure. This means that it can hold just about any publicly traded security in the world: direct stocks or bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, hedge funds, etc. Ultimately, your own individual situation will determine the most suitable asset to hold in your portfolio, which we at Tyton can help you determine.


Capital markets have averaged 11.31% returns p.a. since 1928

When is the best timing for a Lump Sum investment?

That would mostly depend on your specific situation.  Your Tyton advisor is able to sit down and discuss criteria such as reason for investing, risk profile, investment time horizon, etc.  Once invested, we will provide ongoing support to ensure you stay informed and do not miss any market opportunities.

What is a typical time horizon for a Lump Sum investment?

Lump Sum investments are most effective when committed to at least 3 to 5 years.  The longer the time horizon of the investment the better, as you have more years of compound interest growth and less exposure to market volatility.

Can Tyton help me manage my Lump Sum investments?

We are happy to provide any and all ongoing portfolio servicing.  After discussing the purpose, time horizon, risk appetite, etc for your investment, we will be able to provide a detailed portfolio recommendation. Throughout the investment’s lifecycle we will keep you informed and conduct regular client reviews. Feel free to read more about this service on our Portfolio Management page or request some more detailed information over on our Contact page.