Tyton Capital Advisors is a full service independent financial planning firm servicing the international community via its base in the Minato-Ku area of Tokyo, Japan.

DID YOU KNOW: Tyton Capital Advisors currently services clients from 32 different countries

“Tytonidae”, common name: Barn-Owl, are one of the two families of owls, the other being the true owls, Strigidae. They are medium to large sized owls with large heads and characteristic heart-shaped faces. They have long, strong legs with powerful talons. They also differ from Strigidae in structural details relating in particular to the sternum and feet.


Owls have long been personified as wise, stoic and calculated in their actions. Commonly thought of as a family of nocturnal creatures only active at night, many species of Owl in fact function in the twilight hours of dawn and dusk, and even in the daytime too. Owls can be found all over the world, across a multitude of ecosystems and accordingly are extremely adept at hunting in their respective environments; often resulting in evolutionary specialisms in hunting one particular type of prey over another.

At Tyton, we too function across a variety of ecosystems, or markets of our own. We make habit of mastering the resources that we have at our disposal to ensure that we achieve the desired results. We share the behavioral disposition of the Owl in making deliberate and calculated decisions. We are non-reactionary and ambivalent towards both market hysteria and hyperbole.

We work day and night, and we keep watch.

Tyton Capital Advisors was born of the cumulative expertise garnered by Advisors with extensive experience working at other Asset Management and Financial Planning firms internationally, and in particular in the Japanese market.

With backgrounds as international and diverse as our client base, Tyton Capital Advisors seeks to provide a level of professionalism and servicing that exceeds expectations and gives our clients a comprehensive, efficient yet earnest financial planning experience.

The market in which we operate is a very small one and word of mouth travels very far. This suits us perfectly well, and in fact underlies our business model; introductions from happy clients form a large part of our client intake. Our Advisors all experienced and well-seasoned professionals with a significant client base and considerable assets under management attained through prolonged and  consistent commitment to maintaining high standards; both professionally and personally.

All advisors hold relevant industry qualifications via the Chartered Institute of Insurance (London) and we at Tyton Capital Advisors are also a registered Corporate Affiliate of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments (UK).

Each advisor is held to stringent Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements which ensure a commitment to continually maintaining a contemporary knowledge base and involvement with market changes as and when they happen.

A common question which becomes increasingly hard to answer as time goes on. There is no “average” client. We work with young people who have just entered employment who are coming to grips with what to do with their money, all the way up to professionals in senior-management functions of multi-national corporations who have exceedingly complex and specialist servicing requirements.

Luckily for us, irrespective of nationality, creed, colour or race people generally have the same needs and when it comes to financial planning. In this context, how much money you do or do not earn is irrelevant.  It is our job to provide you with all the pertinent information required, so that you are able to make good decisions based on professional advice.

That’s what we could call  a referral. We understand that sometimes people appreciate a little peer-support to assist them when selecting an advisor so if we feel that working with you would be a fruitful and mutually-beneficial relationship, we are often willing to [pending confidentiality requirements] introduce you to an existing client to get some answers direct from the people that we work hard to keep happy….

Sure. An appropriate place to start would be the beginning. Send us an email over at our Contact page to arrange a no-obligation, no-charge financial review to see if there’s anything we can help you with…