Portfolio Management

Portfolio management means that we actively manage and monitor your investments on your behalf enabling you to continue doing what your good at without having to worry about what’s happing to your money.

We manage on a Discretionary/Administration-Only basis depending on how active a role you wish to take in the day-to-day running of your accounts. This is as flexible as you need it to be meaning that you can be hands-on when you wish to be, but also have the peace of mind that everything is being looked after when life dictates that your attentions need to be placed elsewhere

Short answer- not really. Increasing wealth is our side of the relationship with the client. You provide us with the capital and/or existing portfolio and we do the rest. We appreciate that the accumulation of wealth is a long and often patience-testing road and it stands to reason that everyone has to start somewhere. We provide servicing for all stages of the journey.

Dealing with clients from all over the globe we encounter countless people that have either been abandoned by their old advisor or are simply receiving poor servicing- no regular review meetings, poor client servicing, no online servicing, no support, unfair charging etc.


Did you know…In a recent survey conducted by an independent Financial Services agency 3 out of every 5 clients spoken to felt that they were receiving poor servicing from their advisor. Is your advisor advising you?x

In the majority of cases we are able to service your accounts more cost-efficiently than your previous advisor and offer a superior level of servicing. Send us an email on the Contact page if you’d like some more information on how to get started with Tyton.