Qualified Investors

We appreciate that once you have your fundamental financial planning needs tended to (Retirement, Education Planning, house purchasing etc.) directives often change from capital protection to capital optimisation and this will commonly warrant the use of more exotic, and often more complex investment instruments. Owing to our whole of market access, deep industrial ties and comprehensive awareness of the markets in which we operate we have unprecedented access to tools often sought after by more experienced investors. Being independent of any institution we are not limited in our access and due to the sheer size of assets we have under management we have particular sway with institutions that others commonly do not. This often manifests itself in reduced charges, lowered minimum initial investments, preferential terms of business and in some cases allows us to negotiate directly with large multi-national corporations and create essentially tailor-made investment instruments on a bespoke basis. The waters we sail are incredibly deep.

Brokers and in-house wealth managers often have a list of products, funds and instruments that they have to push to clients- akin to the way a bakery must sell the items that nobody wanted before the end of the day. Ordinarily, the larger the institution (if we are to speak of ‘retail’ banking), the higher the pressure on the staff to hit targets and move money into certain places to benefit the home-team or an affiliate. We maintain a happy client-base on the basis of exceeding expectations with exceptional investment solutions. Not just managing those expectations with mediocre ones.

Many of our clients work in Finance. A surgeon wouldn’t attempt to operate upon himself and objectivity is key. We are adept at servicing sophisticated clients who, like ourselves, are investment savvy however might not have an extra 24 hour day during the week to watch over a portfolio. With regards to compliance, all recommendations are made on a bespoke basis so you know that if a recommendation has been made to you, you can rest assured that stringent criteria have been met and comprehensive due-diligence has been conducted. We are comfortable in this area. It’s what we do.

If it’s not broke, we would suggest that you don’t fix it. However, you are in all likelihood paying for a service and if you have no particular reason to stay then that is a common indicator that it’s time to leave. We do not actively pursue the clients of other advisors but are happy to offer an objective second opinion and fill in the gaps often left by other less meticulous professionals. Drop us an email to see if we can assist you with existing investments, over on our contact page.

At our disposal we have a truly extensive range of instruments, ranging from high-vol, high-return-profile hedge-funds and CTAs down to vanilla Fixed Term Deposits. The variables remain variable and we are often able to match your personal requirements. Try us out. We like to make a habit of surprising people.