Life And Health Insurance

Life And Health Insurance

How much life insurance do I need?
This depends entirely upon your current situation. The main question to consider is, how much would your dependents need if you were taken out of the picture?

Did You Know

In a National Geographic (2007) survey 93% of individuals polled said that Life Insurance is something most people need, but only 44% owned an individually purchased life insurance policy

If you have a family with children, the amount could be quite significant. You may need to consider mortgage obligations and other liabilities, sustaining their standard of living through to adulthood, and even university fees. A Tyton advisor would be happy to sit down with you to ensure that your family don’t pay the cold cost of miscalculation.
I already have insurance with my company. Isn’t that enough?

In our experience, probably not. Large companies will often have some sort of life insurance package available to their employees. However, the coverage amounts are rarely more than only 1 or 2 years salary, and often the client has to die while at work in order to receive the benefit meaning not just emotional, but also financial trauma for your family when you die.

What is Critical Illness cover and why do I need it?
Thanks to modern medicine, more and more individuals are surviving health emergencies which in the past would have been the end of the road. While medical developments continue to prolong our wellbeing the other side of the coin is that the medical expenses and the cost of being out of work whist recovering could cost you and your family severely.

Did You Know That

1 in 3 individuals will develop cancer at some point in their life?
Critical illness insurance ensures that in the event of you being given some bad news by your doctor your financial burden is alleviated allowing you to spend time with loved ones, not loan-companies. Enquire with your Tyton advisor to discuss if it’s the right option for you and your family.
What is the difference between Term insurance and Whole-Of-Life insurance?
Term insurance provides you with coverage at a fixed rate for a fixed number of years. Afterwards the coverage ceases and the plan ends. Whole of life, however, provides you with lifelong coverage as long as you continue to pay your premiums. If you decide to cease coverage and surrender the policy, you will receive a sizable cash payout due to death benefits not being taken. Each have their merits. Talk to our advisor to weigh up the pros and cons.
Why would I need health insurance?
Due to some companies automatically enrolling their employees in the Japanese National Health Insurance or a partnered health provider, it is not always necessary to seek out private health insurance.
There are over 100 types of cancer and they can affect ANY part of the body. The majority of them are however treatable- if you have the right coverage…
However, there are many individuals in Japan, often self employed or small-business owners, that are running the risk of no health insurance coverage at all. Also, if you would prefer an international clinic with western doctors and English speaking staff, you may find both high prices and your National Health Insurance card to be of no use…