Orphaned Client – noun –

An individual that became just another number among hundreds of other clients. Their advisor is either difficult to get in touch with, doesn’t really take an active interest in the client’s finances, or perhaps has left the country altogether…
Orphaned Client

There appears to be no shortage of orphaned clients in Japan, and repairing and correctly servicing the accounts of clients who started out elsewhere forms a large part of our business.  We know there are countless individuals out there who simply require an advisor that will sit down for a transparent face-to-face conversation about their needs and what is available to them without any obligation to do anything thereafter.

If your advisor has become out-of-touch (or was never really in touch…), contact us by filling out the below form to arrange a no-obligation, unbiased second opinion on your financial situation.

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Admittedly, taking in orphaned clients often results in a great deal of up-front work , but in our experience the client/advisor relationships based upon trust-earned, have a much longer lifespan.

Also, in the future if any of your friends are thinking about their finances, perhaps our name will come up in conversation as a reliable source of value…

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