Comparing NISA and iDeCo accounts in Japan?

comparison of the ideco and nisa tax free accounts

Making the most out of retirement requires careful planning, investment, and saving during your working career. Depending solely on basic government pension programs, such as the National Pension in Japan, can lead to a less than ideal retirement. Fortunately, Japan has several tax-privileged investment accounts that can help grow wealth more efficiently and help you […]

International Pension Plans & Retirement Accounts For Japan Residents

investment accounts in english for japan residents

Retirement is often seen as a time of freedom and relaxation, but achieving enough financial stability to support yourself while not working full-time requires careful planning, saving and investing. This is particularly true for foreign residents living in countries such as Japan. Relying on the Japanese pension system isn’t an option if you want full […]

Can I Get a Japanese NISA Retirement Account in English?

english language NISA savings retirement account

If you’re planning to retire in Japan, you may have already heard of NISA retirement accounts. NISA – short for Nippon Individual Savings Account – is Japan’s solution to the failing pension system. Like the pension systems in many countries around the world, the Japanese pension system has been under more and more strain due […]

The Cost Of Not Having Life Insurance

low cost international life insurance for foreigners in japan

For much of our lives, it is something we fail to even consider.  But then sometimes even overnight we experience just one event that changes our perspective completely.  The birth of a child, the wake-up call of close friend’s death, or perhaps even a more personal close encounter with life-threatening illness or accident; these are […]

Using Bonds to Beat Inflation for International Investors

what bonds beat inflation

You’ve heard of inflation, and you’ve heard of bonds. But how exactly are the two related? Well, when properly utilised, bonds can help international investors beat inflation and maintain the purchasing power of your money. They are a powerful addition to your investment portfolio – but you must select appropriately.  What Is Inflation? nflation is […]

How Much Life Insurance Should I Have?

english speaking financial advice life insurance japan

Half to two thirds of the working professionals here in Tokyo that we have met and worked with over the years have some form of life insurance available through their employer. Whether they work for a smaller domestic company, a large multinational, or even some of the startups, there is usually some amount of minimum […]

How to Set Up International Life Insurance in Japan

set up low cost cheap life insurance in japan

Foreign people living in Japan face many challenges. Whether cultural differences or language barriers, these issues can be frustrating and make simple tasks arduous. One challenge foreign people living in Japan face is getting life insurance. Navigating the Japanese insurance industry is hard, especially if you do not speak Japanese or understand foreign insurance. Many […]

Can I Use Life Insurance To Reduce My Japanese Taxes?

tax reduction strategies for high tax payers in japan

Life insurance provides your family with critical financial protection in the event of an early death. As a foundational part of a solid financial plan, there are sometimes specific tax benefits for people using life insurance products. But what about life insurance in Japan? Japan has a complex tax system, but with proper planning, you […]

The Cost of University in Japan

average college school fee cost japan

Raising children in a foreign country comes with challenges. Japan can offer some benefits to parents that other countries may not have, but it also comes with some drawbacks. Among these are the country’s increasing higher education costs. By planning ahead you can be better prepared for the costs of university and college fees. But […]

Retire In Japan: How To Guide

japan retirement guide for international people

apan is known for its vast history, beautiful scenery, delicious food and rich culture. Home to over 126 million inhabitants, Japan is comprised of over 80% mountains and beautiful, mild temperatures. The country is one of the most intensely researched destinations for people looking to retire overseas. International investors, retirees, and foreign workers already living […]