How Much Of My Salary Should I Save For Retirement?

Saving a portion of your salary for retirement.

inancial responsibilities occur early in life, but before you know it, paying your bills and getting a promotion are not the only things that you’ll worry about. Pension systems can help alleviate some of the concerns that you have, but a pension shouldn’t be the only form of retirement that you have. Will you ever […]

Comparing NISA and iDeCo accounts in Japan?

aking the most out of retirement requires careful planning, investment, and saving during your working career. Depending solely on basic government pension programs, such as the National Pension in Japan, can lead to a less than ideal retirement. Fortunately, Japan has several tax-privileged investment accounts that can help grow wealth more efficiently and help you […]

How to Set Up International Life Insurance in Japan

set up low cost cheap life insurance in japan

oreign people living in Japan face many challenges. Whether cultural differences or language barriers, these issues can be frustrating and make simple tasks arduous. One challenge foreign people living in Japan face is getting life insurance. Navigating the Japanese insurance industry is hard, especially if you do not speak Japanese or understand foreign insurance. Many […]

Can I Get a Japanese NISA Retirement Account in English?

english language NISA savings retirement account

f you’re planning to retire in Japan, you may have already heard of NISA retirement accounts. NISA – short for Nippon Individual Savings Account – is Japan’s solution to the failing pension system. Like the pension systems in many countries around the world, the Japanese pension system has been under more and more strain due […]

Retire In Japan: How To Guide

japan retirement guide for international people

apan is known for its vast history, beautiful scenery, delicious food and rich culture. Home to over 126 million inhabitants, Japan is comprised of over 80% mountains and beautiful, mild temperatures. The country is one of the most intensely researched destinations for people looking to retire overseas. International investors, retirees, and foreign workers already living […]

Digital Inheritance: Protect Your Digital Assets When You’re Gone

Japan Digital Assets

e live in a digital world. In 2019, 34% of people preferred mobile banking and 22.8% preferred online banking to access their accounts, according to the FDIC. International investment accounts make it easy to start investing from the comfort of your sofa. Modern investment accounts are digital and accessible 24/7, but what happens to our […]

Cancer Insurance in Japan

Cancer insurance can cover cancer treatment costs.

hances are you probably know at least a few people who have been diagnosed with cancer and maybe a few people who have unfortunately died from cancer. Cancer is one of the most common illnesses in the world. About 40 percent of people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life. To […]

Japan Life Insurance in English

Life insurance covers your family if you die.

ife insurance is important. However, for international people living in Japan, finding a good life insurance policy can be complicated. Language barriers make it difficult for English speakers to understand policies coherently, and failing to understand your cover can have costly implications. For example, if you are not able to read and understand the insurance […]

Financial Planning for Women in Japan

istorically financial planning has been seen as a man’s job. As a result, most women are no strangers to experiencing sexism when it comes to money. Fortunately, times are changing. Now more than ever, women in Japan are making their own financial plans for the future. As women take control of their personal finances, it […]

Investing for Americans in Japan

investments growing

nvestment can be a challenge for any expat. In particular, Americans living in Japan face obstacles that can make investing seem an impossible task. One such obstacle is the tax laws in Japan and America. Both the United States and Japan have strict international tax laws. Failing to adhere to tax laws has dire consequences. […]